What Is Cupping Therapy and How It May Help You


cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is an alternative form of therapy where a thin, fine needle is heated at a very high temperature and applied to the skin, usually over the treatment area. The heat opens up the capillaries in the skin, allowing fluid to drain into the deeper layers of tissue. The needle is removed after several minutes of treatment. The heat can be used in conjunction with different forms of therapy such as massage or acupressure to help reduce stress and help maintain optimal health.

Why You Never See Cupping Therapy That Actually Works

Cupping therapy is actually the practice of heating the skin for various reasons. In some cases, it is practiced to relieve pain related to shingles or chicken pox. In other cases, cupping therapy may be practiced as a type of preventative measure, such as after a surgical treatment to remove any foreign object that may have been placed inside the patient’s body, before or during any medical procedures. It is also practiced by some dentists to help their patients relax and ease the pressure points in the mouth.

If you have a need for this therapy, you can either learn how to do it yourself or take a class. Some of the tools used for cupping include thin, flexible probes that are heated from below the skin surface, sometimes through the use of a propane flame, to reach into the deepest layers of tissue. The patient then lies on their stomach, facing up, so that the heat can be properly directed into the body’s deepest layers. There are also tools that can be used that are shaped like cylinders that shoot warm air at varying speeds into the outer layers of tissue. These methods produce the same results, without the use of a needle, although the amount of heat applied may be a bit less.

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