Ultrasonic Flow Meter


ultrasonic flow meter

DescriptionAn ultrasonic flow meter basically is a device that measures the flow of a fluid by using ultrasound and acoustic waves. It can also measure the amount of pressure in a solid or semi-solid material. This flow measurement device is used in various applications such as water measurement, oil drilling, industrial plants, aircraft, and transportation, and chemical identification. This is a non-contact ultrasonic device used to detect oil spills or other leaks in non-porous materials and is ideal for gas detection applications.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The basic principle of this ultrasonic flow measurement device is based on the principle that the amount of pressure change in a liquid flows as the amount of water vapor increases. This device uses two types of transducers: the first of which transmits ultrasound and the other to generate ultrasonic waves. When the amount of fluid flow increases, the ultrasound waves created are transformed into ultrasonic waves. These waves are then measured and converted into the corresponding pressure value.

There are various models of ultrasonic flow measurement devices available in the market. Some of these include: wet traps, dry traps, gas traps, vented traps, contact traps, leak detectors, pressure transducers and freeze alarms. Generally, these units use infra-red ray to determine the fluid’s temperature. Most of them also use ultrasonic sound waves to generate the measurement results. This type of non-contact ultrasonic flow meter uses a solid oxide diaphragm to prevent leakage of any solid and liquid. They are highly dependable and widely used in applications such as petroleum refining, sewage treatment, water treatment and oil and gas exploration.

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