Indoor Shooting Range


An indoor shooting range, gun range or training range is a special facility, arena or location designed specifically for firearm use; often used by law enforcement agencies, military and other organizations for training, qualification or actual competitive shooting. These ranges have different objectives and uses depending on the needs of the users. They may be used for hunting, tactical exercises, shooting practice, police and military training or any other shooting related activities. Indoor shooting range are usually contained within a building or other enclosed structure and use various gun-specific equipment to simulate shooting outdoors. Some indoor ranges may also use “silencers” to simulate the sound of a gun being fired.

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A traditional indoor range simulates the effects of what it would be like to take aim at a target from a distance; this includes recoil, handling of the weapon and the wind. Some indoor shooting ranges may also use video monitors so the shooters can see the target through telescope sights or binoculars. Other facilities that may be available in an indoor shooting range include lock-able or user- unlocked shooting ranges. This means that only authorized users may enter the range to use a firearm.

For the inexperienced shooters, an indoor shooting range offers a great way to learn more about shooting firearms without risking injury to themselves or others. Indoor ranges are generally not as challenging as the actual outdoor environment and allows the shooter to familiarize themselves with a new range. The lack of stress and distraction from the presence of another human augments the safety experienced by novice shooters and allows them to learn more quickly than if they were in a real life situation. Using this type of facility also allows the shooter to develop and build their confidence and skill with firearms before going on to try out a live shooting environment. It also provides an opportunity to develop new skills and to improve their shooting experience.

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