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IT professionals who are interested in opening a Microsoft 365 business subscription often have two choices: 1} They can buy Microsoft 365 ProPlus, which comes with many of the same features as Microsoft 365 Business Premium, including business email, business mobility, calendar apps, mobile app compatibility, and paperless billing. Alternatively, they can sign up for Microsoft 365 Business Essentials which has just the basics and does not include support for third party business apps, online help, or mobile app compatibility. With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, a business owner is provided the option to buy individual add-ons, such as the Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetERP, or Microsoft Business Solutions. Useful website –

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Get Started With Microsoft 365

The two differing licensing options are made possible by the differences between Office and the web-based apps. Microsoft 365 ProPlus is a web-based app, whereas Microsoft 365 Business Essentials is an app for both the desktop and the web (exception to the fact that the mobile app is only available for the Windows side of the device). The mobile apps are designed to be simple and intuitive, while still offering the features that users expect from a Microsoft product. When using the Microsoft 365 Business Premium setup, it is important for the business owner to be aware that he/she must be signed in to the Microsoft Account online in order to access the portal and benefits. Any modifications or changes to the user’s data will not be reflected in the online version of the program, nor will they be reflected in the offline version. If the business owner is not signed in to the Microsoft Account online when using the Business Portal, the portal will prompt the user to log in to the Microsoft Account.

Regardless of which Microsoft product you decide to go with, there are several apps that make getting started with your new microsoft 365 easy. Users can get started with their programs by downloading either the free “My Microsoft 365 Experience” desktop application or the free “Mobile Office” app. Once downloaded and installed on the user’s computer, there are a number of other features that make getting started with MS Office much easier. To learn more about how to set up your new business using Microsoft products like the Microsoft 365 business cloud and apps like the Microsoft Office Mobile app, visit the Microsoft Office website today. This is where you can find information about how to sign up, and find out how to get started.

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