Things to Do in Abilene, TX


If you are interested in art and culture, you will want to pay a visit to the City of Abilene and its surroundings in Texas State’s Topeka County. abilene tx, Texas is a small city located in Taylor County in Texas, United States, near the banks of the Red River. Its total population in 2021 was 117,806, and an estimate of 120,040 in2019 making it the seventeenth-most populated city in the state of Texas, and the eighteenth-most densely populated city in the country.

Great Deal of Cultural Activities in Abilene, TX

There are a great deal of cultural activities that you can participate in while visiting Abilene. You can see the Museum of Old Town, which features early pioneer structures along with historical paintings of the time period. If you have children with you, they may enjoy the Children’s Museum, where you can find educational toys and exhibits on various topics. The Old Town Courtyard Park has a stage and performers every night, and the Horseshoe Creek Music Hall hosts touring musicians often.

The area surrounding the City of Abilene has plenty of things to do in Abilene for people who enjoy nature and traveling. The trails of the Transcanine Trail take you through a network of canyons filled with cacti and other interesting flora and fauna. The Red River Canyon is filled with wildlife – including coyotes, ocelots, foxes, and deer – as well as numerous dry streams and parks with walking and camping areas.