Mindscape by Jon Gries – A Book Review


In this suspenseful psychological thriller, a young Miami detective (David Strathairn) pursues a series of baffling clues in order to close the mystery of a series of murders that had occurred in the small coastal city of Miami. An ex-cop turned private eye (Jon Gries) joins the investigation after the bodies of three teenagers were found stuffed in plastic bags. The local police department believes one of them committed the crime, while the other two are labeled suspects. taissa farming is the youngest of the suspects, yet to prove her innocence he must take on the toughest challenge of his career: to break the code of the mindscape.


How To Sell Mindscape By Jon Gries – A Book Review

David Strathairn’s title character is an extraordinary example of an ethical mindscape: the world of the dead, the world of the unknown, and the world of possibility. When his dead friend Maddy (Caroline O’Grady) reappears, David must take on her ghostly presence and figure out what happened to her mind before committing murder himself. The mindscape he has to investigate is based on the fact that all possible truths are possible, and that some truths are unknowable, too. This premise is what makes Mindscape by Jon Gries one of the most thrilling and thought-provoking books ever written. Gries uses the “fate” motif to great effect to describe the difference between what is real and what is possible in our material world. The mindscape allows the reader an escape from both the mundane and the supernatural, and it is Strathairn’s uncanny ability to draw them out that makes the novel such an entertaining and enlightening read.

Mindscape by Jon Gries is very different from the average mystery novel, in that it deals exclusively with the psychic and the paranormal. This is surprising because usually when you think of magic, you think of witches, ghosts, and monsters. What is more interesting is that the primary magic used in Mindscape by Jon Gries–what many of us might call the magic of imagination–is that of simple ordinary objects imbued with mystical qualities. The mindscape creatures Gries has his characters travel through are made up of everyday objects with strange properties, and the result is a mind-blowing adventure that will take your breath away and make you question all the rules of modern life. When you’ve finished Mindscape by Jon Gries, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without this wonderful mind teaser.