2 Humane Methods For Catching a Stray Dog


If you’re looking for a humane alternative to a caged pet, there are several different kinds of doggie traps that you can purchase at your local pet store or online. An electronic dog trap can alleviate your dog’s problem quickly and effectively, if you’ve never tried to cage an animal before! Most electronic traps remove the chances of an animal hurting you or another person nearby, while providing an immediate solution to any problem your pet might have. While most of them have a loud, distinctive warning noise to alert anyone in the area when the device is triggered, some are silent and only alert when the animal approaches the trigger.

Dog Trap

How to catch a stray dog.

Most electronic devices are also humane, meaning that they cause no pain or distress to the animal. Some people in the past used bamboo stiles, boards, or wood floors to bait their pets; however, these are outdated and no longer work. With the use of electric or manual transmitters, most high quality electronic devices have a delay that causes the animal to run into the wire frame of the cage, thus releasing them into the yard without setting in motion a heavy chain. This delay prevents animals from running through wires or boards and causes them to be less likely to trigger the device.


Another humane alternative to a caged pet trap is to utilize a doggy-style, soft-sided collar or harness to prevent unwanted contact with the triggering mechanism. Soft-side collars and harnesses are usually used for strays or wild animals, while hard-side collars are often used to capture aggressive dogs. Soft collars and harnesses are not recommended for domestic cats, because their sharp claws could accidentally cut into the triggering mechanism, causing the dog to become entangled. It’s important to know what kind of collar or harness would be best for your particular situation, so that you can find a humane alternative to caging your pet.

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